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We're going Dutch, German, Finnish and French!

Friends from all over Europe! In many of our countries, fetish and BDSM cultures have developed more apart from eachother than neccessary. When we in fact live so close to eachother and our respective scenes often are within only a short flight trip away, we should come together.

Starting out as a Scandinavian community, we're now working hard to make Fetopia an equally good home for our Dutch, German, Finnish and French-speaking brothers and sisters. Right now we are scandinavian-biased, but within a few weeks we hope to have the whole website available in Dutch, German, Finnish and French. We're also working on levelling the regional bias so that Fetopia can offer a variety of good social networks, discussion groups, event calendars, news bulletins and more that is adapted for your own region.

When you're logged in, please contact webmaster David in order to start up a social network for your region, your kink, your club, your munch or whatever fuels your fire! Please be patient with our current Swedish slant -- Within weeks, this community will take a more pan-european, Dutch and German form! Feel free to tell your friends! :-)

Webmaster David, 23 jan.

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