With an ad at Fetopia, your business will reach out to over 80,000 members – An ideal way to attract customers and etablish yourself with the large clientele that only Fetopia can give you access to.
  • Rectangular ad, displayed at all pages


    A rectangular ad is 180x150 pixels. Its placement alternates, and is displayed on almost all pages at Fetopia. Usually, Darkside/Fetopia has around 10 of these ads. Each time a web page is shown to a user, as many ads as fits on the page is picked at random from the available ads. For instance, on the front page 8 ads are picked, wich makes every rectangular to be displayed almost every time someone views the front page. Concidering that Darkside/Fetopia has around a million page views per day, your ad will have a very high exposure. A rectangular ad is 500 SEK / €50 for a 7-day period (excl. VAT).

When a user clicks a banner, he/she is directed to an URL of your choice. Advertising takes place in 7-day periods. The price is the same for both animated and static banners, Ads must be tasteful, we reserve the right to decline/terminate campaigns that disturb our members.

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