Reset/change password

Here you can create a new password for your membership account by entering the email you have registered with your account and by entering the password you would like to have in the future. When you have entered this and clicked the button, an email will be sent out to the address you entered. The email contains a verification link you must click in order for the password change to take effect.
Note: The password change will not take effect until you click the confirmation link.

Hackers can in no time test an entire dictionary. Therefore you should pick a cryptical password, preferrably a mix of letters and numbers. Be careful to REMEMBER which password you have picked; write it down on a piece of paper that you store safely, or tattoo it onto your arm ;)

E-mail: (the email that is registered with your account)
Desired password: (alpha-numerical, A-Z, 0-9)
Repeat password: (just to be safe)

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