Meet XO

Part 1

Too. Fucking. Much.

I’ve just been told it’s uncommon to fuck someone for three hours.
Apparently I’m living an uncommon life. Good to know.
He was a cutie, the kind of lovely beast I like. Didn’t even have to instruct him, he seemed to know what I like, how I like it.
Strong hands. Firm lips. A burning desire to make me come. Then come again.
Three hours can fly by when you are preoccupied fucking the living daylight out of someone.
I never told him my name. Or my alias. No need.
“I love your lips. So delicious to kiss.”
This made me smile.
“What do you want to do? Get a drink or get out of here?”
“I don’t need a drink.”
The cab ride was long enough to talk about what we do when not cruising the club for a one night stand. Not that either of us cared about it, God only knows why people always talk about their work.
“I like to fuck hard.” He could have said that instead.
“Yeah, me too.” This could have been my reply.
No matter. Things became clear when we finally hit the sheets.
“Haven’t done this a long time.” His mouth on my ear, softly nuzzling.
“How long?”
“Way too long.”
“God, you’re wet.” One finger. Then three. Then his mouth, burning hot.
Three hours just flew away.
“We should rest.”
“Okay.” Instead, he kept kissing me.
“Can we do it again?”
I had to smile.
“What time is it?”
“Almost seven.”
I left at eight.

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