Deepest within

Some thoughts that passed me by

Have you ever woken up or been daydreaming about a wiered imagine in your head ?

Well my dear , let me tell you about how I play with my mind . First imagine a picture drawn inside your head you shouldn't see anything unless you close that gap from reality . Let yourself wonder of to deepest woods or the calmest field joy and happiness . You starting to feel comfortable aren't you ? That's good now we're all relaxed aren't we ? Very good .dear

Today I had a this kind of image . Talking to total stranger and convincing her to give up on their reality and face their inner fantasies . How you ask ? By manipulating their mind . Make them comfortable and giving their minds orders until you noticing somewhat of a heavy breathing , That my dear is the pleasure you keep thinking on and it's a sign for an action .
I kept Imagine myself walking slowly around her in circles , whispering into her ear , startling her by suddenly grabbing her shoulders . Note that the eyes are still closed or if not already blind folded . Her feeling of panic when control is completely lost and realized she'd been taking orders without them noticing . that's when I stepped in.
standing behind her with my hand slowly resting underneath her chin ,

- "hush my little kitten" i whisper to her ear .
-"Don't give in to fear when theirs nothing be afraid of " I continue .

Her startling actions return to normal and she's committed to the act ones again. The excitement from my actions made her go from calm to fear in a single moment . What a fascinating movement I do have to say so myself.

-"Now then " I began ,
"what is your deepest thought right now ?" Her heavy breathing voice tends to choke abit as my hand grabs her gently by her throat . I cannot tell what's she's thinking on I just want make her think . Her voice is a bit hard to understand do to my gentle grip but I could hear an wast "please" as the gentleman I am, I slowly release my vast gentle grip and letting her feel hear breath again for a moment

Her blood weins has begun to swallow up and are much clearer now , her excitement has gotten even stronger now I feel , I keep talking with as much empty air as possible so not just her ears could hear but her skin aswell . She let's out an vast inhale and her blood veins are completely visible now . I lover my breathen towards her throat ,she lovers her head towards the opposite direction
"that's the invite I was waiting for " I whisper into her ear as my teeth pierced trough her skin and great moan and breathing is released . As I'm grinding my teeth towards her skin I hear her breath leaving from her body while her mind becomes a bit blank I raise my head to get a better grip . The feeling of her pain and pleasure excites me as well and I continue you bite her grope her . I want to hear her scream , I want her to feel pleasure , I don't want her to give into fear I want her to be mine and mine alone for this moment only .

The image is closed of while I'm slowly lifting my head from her skin whispering to hear
- " Don't worry my little kitten "
- " The hunt has only began "

That's the random image that passed me trough my head
Beautiful isn't it my dear ?

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