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Fantasier som borde besannas

I step in to a light room with soft music and a sweet smell from fresh flowers, get handed a startch white towel by a broad shouldered man in white. He has this air of total control around him, which makes me want to ask him if he has been to a hairdresser to get the grey highlights or if they really are signs of wisdom, as they seem. He interrupts my thoughts with a deep voice that immediatly makes me want to obey. He points to a screen to the right, and then to the massage table.
”You can leave your clothing there. Wear the towel.” Then he very politely turns his back to me and starts putting lotions in order as I step behind the screen and undress.

My heart sank a little as soon as he turned his back to me, but I tell myself to get my shit together, I’m here for a massage and there are people in the other rooms getting massages aswell.

I realise the towel is a little bit too small, and with the naughty thoughts that just went through my head I become self conscious. I hurry the few steps to the massage table, lay down and pull the towel over me.
Without a word he approaches me and adjusts the towel. I feel embarrassed for not getting it right. Or is it because of my thoughts? This is a professional person and I should not demean him by making him into a sex object. I reset my mind as he puts his hand firmly on my shoulder. ”You are here for the full body, right?” I nod and mumble a ”yes”
”Excuse me?” He says, and I wonder if it’s just my mind playing tricks on me, because the tone sounds exactly like when my teacher used to tell me to speak up.
”Yes, full body”, I articulate

It sounds like he snorts. Surely that must be my imagination?
”Tense all over huh? Sit by a table much?” I roll my eyes, but answer. ”Yes, a little too much.”
His hand is moving to the center of my back, and I can feel him reaching for something. I hear a few squirts and then his other hand joins in

His hands are rough and soft at the same time. He uses the perfect amount of pressure as he warms up my back with the flat of his hands, using just a few drops of oil to make use of the friction of skin against skin.
As his hands move further down they push the towel, untill it just barely covers my ass

Once my back is gleaming of oil and warmed up he starts making small circles all around it, finding every knot, until I let out a long relaxed sigh. He moves on to my neck, then my arms, and hands. The music lulls me away towards complete relaxation.

I’m just barely aware of his hands leaving my body for a second as he slides down my back again, skips over the towel and starts working on my thighs. I become more alert as he now pushes the towel so how up I feel he must be able to see... where he’s not supposed to see..

But his hands continue the rythmical, professional circles and lines, downwards from my thighs and as he goes through my calfs and reaches my feet I am once again fully relaxed. Or so I think.

He moves his slippery fingers between my toes as his voice reaches through the haze and hits me like a gust of cold air

”This is where most women consider them done. Very few listen to their physical therapist about the importance of relaxing your gluteus maximus. Even fewer are wise enough to stay and let me do my work properly.”

I hesitate. Could I just not answer? Let him assume? Make the decision for me?
”Umh... I...”
”That’s what I thought. Well, off you go then!”

Is there mockery in his voice? No, I must be imagining. ”No!” I almost shout. ”Ofcourse you should do your work properly. Ofcourse.”
I could swear I hear him grin, but remind myself of my vivid imagination. And I’m not supposed to even be fantasizing of anyone right now, let alone have sex!
”Then well...” he says, and lets the towel roll into a small line just beneath my buttocks.
I hear him using the oil pump and a few drops must escape his hand, coz I feel the warm oil very slowly run down the curves and disappear between my legs.

His hands begin knåda my buttocks and I let out a moan as I have to admit he is right. There seems to be a lot of nerv endings in need of manipulation. My head starts to spin a little as his hands take on the delicate task of relieving me from the last remains of stress.

His hands move from side to side, and I don’t even notice that the towel is gone until he asks me to lift my hips a little so he can put the rolled up towel underneath

”Trust me, it will be so much better”. I hardly hesitate, although there’s a small voice in my head telling me that if the towel is underneath me, it must mean I am fully naked for him to see. And if my hips are lifted, that also means a full view to the holiest... I shush that voice and once again remind myself of how professional he has been, and all the conplicated latin stuff he described about the muscles.”

That is when I feel his hand slipping down between my buttocks. He feels me tensing up and tells me to lie still and trust him. ”I am a professional, I know what I am doing”

I feel compelled to trust him, to obey him. It’s almost like a need starting to grow inside me. His fingers work from the outside of my buttocks and all the way in. One hand reaches for the oil bottle and I feel a fresh trickle of warm oil between. The fingers start working their way even further down, and I find myself thinking I’m glad I shaved this morning. I’m about to ask myself why that would be the first thought, instead of telling him this is inappropriate, but he is first:
”You are still okay. You are very calm and relaxed. This is just what you need to also let the feeling follow you home. Trust me.” And I do.

His slippery, nimble fingers work their way in an exquisite way, and as he reaches my clit I hear him going ”Mm, there you go. Good girl.” I can’t but let out a moan, but regret it the same second. What if someone heard me?

The second of clarity also suddenly makes me aware that he is only using one hand now, and that there’s been a weird clicking sound since he removed the towel. I lift my head just enough to make out a phone in his other hand, and some very uncalled for, sharp lighting that wasn’t there when I lay down, but before I can speak he jams his fingers into my pussy and fireworks go off, spreading to every limb he touched. All the small parts of my body; hands, toes, neck, even the f-ing elbows burn with delight.

The orgasm continues and before it lets go he starts moving his fingers again, waking up a desperation in me. Now his voice again, close up behind me.
”You like this, don’t you?” I am too euforic to answer, but manage a small nod.

”You want me to keep going don’t you?”
I try to shake my head, but it betrays me.

”Now, if you want me to continue, you need to do what ever I tell you”
He moves his fingers again and I whimper ”yes”.
”Lift your head, and suck the cock”

A little surprised by his miss, shouldn’t he had said ”my cock”, I still do as he says. Anything, as long as he gets me there again. I lift my head and realise the word was intentional. It is not his cock, but a different one. Because he is now shifting his hand to my clit, and very slowly easing his hard cock into me

I open my mouth and let the other cock in. ”Start sucking, or I won’t move”. Desperately I do my best to suck the cock in front of me, but every thrust makes me open my mouth and moan.

”Oh you don’t really want this do you? Can’t make up your mind?”
A sharp pang of pain hits me as he asks me again ”Do you?”
With my mouth full, I try to nod.
He chuckles. ”You need to learn how to articulate young lady!”
”Circulate!” He orders. I am in the dark, but the cock is suddenly removed from my mouth, and replaced with a wet, shaved pussy.

”Now, Why don’t you begin with abc, and we’ll see how far you get”
At the same time he lifts me up on all four and starts thrusting again. My head empties and even the flashes of camera lights can’t pull me out of it.

The woman beneath my tongue starts twisting, moaning and grinding her hips, which just adds to my arrousal. ”Do you want to cum for me?” He asks.
I nod, and he grins as he says ”not yet...”

I feel something pressing against my ass and open my eyes in horror. ”Oh, are you an anal virgin?” I lift up my mouth from the pussy in the middle of making an ”F” to protest, but a firm hand pushes my head right back again.
”You want me to take care of that for you?” I shake my head and feel tears start burning my eyes. The woman is still moaning and moving even more now.

I feel an object being pushed into me, a butplug? I suddenly realise what I’m doing and want to abort the whole situation, but that is when he moves his fingers to my clit again, and I lose all focus.

Abruptly strong arms lift me up and place me on my back in another mans arms. My eyes are blindfolded and I lose track of the amount of hands holding me down firmly. Someone starts to suckle my breasts, but I try to break free.

A tear rolls down my cheek as I panic. The man under me grunts and I feel his hard cock inside me. My boobs are being spanked and my legs held apart. It is definitely a woman mouth licking my pussy now, and I relax a little again, feeling the warm horny feeling return.

A cock is shuffed into my mouth and soon I am on the way towards climax again. As I get closer the delicious tongue disappears, aswell as the cock and butplug. I don’t have time to react as I feel the cock now slowly entering my ass at the same time as the voice I recognize whispers soothing words and another cock fills my pussy. As they start moving at the same time I fly sky high as tears roll down my cheeks.
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