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Saturday 10 august, at 19:00 — 23:00  Sjömansgatan 13, Ystad  (Skåne län) 

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Melanie Martinsson wrote his first song when he was three years old on a piano in the mental institution where his mother was residing at the time. That particular song did not turn out very good, but Melanie kept on writing music. At 14 years of age he realized that music would be his only realistic way out of the ghetto, so he started producing and performing as much as possible, while sending demotapes around, under the moniker Melanie Is Demented. At 18 years of age he realized he had to start his own record label full time to get anywhere. He took out all the loans he could and invested in music and record production.
Then the internet happened. Sales plummeted and the audio CD became essentially worthless.
Stuck alone in a bureaucratic nightmare Melanie had no choice but to keep producing and performing while descending deeper into madness. Working with a zero budget he had to use social media and graffiti for marketing. Having no real equipment of his own he had to mix his records on stolen casetteportas. Doing it all by himself he was forced to learn the entire chain of production and distribution himself, everything from producing his own videos, to mastering, to packaging, while his music itself took on increasingly strange features with elements from a confusing number of different genres.
And lo and behold, the only way to gain momentum is to keep moving, and the music sounded like nothing else so slowly an actual following came to be, which soon turned into an actual fanbase across Europe, and in 2011 he was awarded his first gold record.
Since then he has kindof just kept going, it’s not like he has much of a choice. Music is all he knows now. He has worked with international artists such as Marina Abramovic, Truckfighters and Sid Wilson from Slipknot, he has sold out tours across Europe, made it into the charts and even into a historybook on portugese grime recently.
He has labeled his own genre “skräckno”, but it’s closer to grime/electro/pop than anything.
He recently released his critically acclaimed new album entitled We Split Up Searching For You, and is currently working on his new book and album.

Sweden’s foremost grime DJs and artists will be joining him on this gig.


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