Rules This is a contract between you and the manager of the community that goes under the names Darkside (, NordicKink ( and Fetopia (, below refered to as the community. By using a membership on above mentioned sites, you accept this contract.
  • Age limit 18 years

    You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the community.

  • You must be nice and show respect towards all sexualities

  • Do not reveal personal information about others

  • Do not publish copyrighted material

    Material you add (pictures, videos, texts) cannot be copyrighted by someone else than yourself (i.e.: You cannot simply publish things you find on the Internet). You assume full responsibility for material you add -- When publishing material that constitutes breach of contract, violation of other party's copyright or infliction of other damage towards the communiuty, you accept liability towards the community or other affected party. By publishing material you allow the community to handle, store and present it.

  • No prostitution, sale of used underwear and such

  • Do not bulk mail

  • Age limit 18 years

  • Also, ordinary community rules apply

    Only one membership per person, do not spread racism/hatered, do not obstruct the site. Information that you have entered, that are computer related such as logins, IP-addresses and so forth, such that has occured during interaction with others and other administrative information relating to your membership will be automatically stored and processed. Using this site means accepting cookies.