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Välkommen till/ Welcome to SLMs BDSM Section!

Demo September 1st: Edge Play
Edge play refers to BDSM play that is generally considered to have a higher-than-usual risk of serious harm or death or may be of a particularly sensitive nature. The definition of edge play is highly subjective, and ever-evolving. What might have been considered edge play a few years ago may be considered relatively mundane today, and vice-versa. We are going to evaluate edge play on the basis of a couple of different standards - SSC, RACK, and PRICK. What is or isn’t (too) dangerous? What is or isn’t edgy? Safe or safe enough? Who is the judge of that? Become risk aware and decide for yourself.

SLMs BDSM Section meets the first Sunday of every month. We strive to create a welcoming, safe community for guys willing to explore various BDSM-practices and lifestyles. Whether you are an experienced BDSM-practitioner or a curious newbie, you are most welcome to participate.You can learn about an aspect of BDSM through a demonstration or a talk at 6pm. After the demo you may engage in BDSM play of your choice with any consenting partners. Or just hang out and socialize until 10pm.

Doors are open between 5pm and 7pm. You will need to enter the club within those two hours and have your valid membership card with you. Memberships cannot be issued or renewed on our Section events. The demo starts at 6pm.

Varmt välkomna!


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