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Monday 23 september 2019, at 19:30 — 21:00  Armfeltsgatan 23, Stockholm  (Stockholms län) 

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An evening for the curious to learn about Reiki Energy Healing with Master Teacher Kaj Wenman of Kylin Therapies in YogaMottagningen's yoga room.
Each guest will have an opportunity to experience Reiki.

Since Reiki can reduce the sensation of pain, it can be useful for aftercare.
Those who learn Reiki experience increased intuition. This may help with non verbal communication during scenes.

Other Reiki practitioners are welcome to share their wisdom and energy.
This is a free event, but donations of any amount are appreciated.
Please dress in comfortable, street clothes.

Wellness, Kid Friendly, Healing, Alternative medicine


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In addition to playing some gentle background music, I'll be bringing some other items to set the mood. Such as a candle, a homemade paper lantern and a few other odds and ends. I will also have informative brochures about Reiki that explain the basics.
  23 sep 2019

I have problems with sented candles and aroma lamps if the sent is very heavy. I would greatly appreciate it if we could have the workshop with out those. Don't know if you plan to have any, just giving a heads up. Thank you in advance.

  23 sep 2019

Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I hope the plain beeswax candle wasn't what effected you. Thank you for helping me set up and sad you couldn't stay to try receiving Reiki. Maybe next time I could try saving most questions until the end.

  23 sep 2019

Thank You, it did not trouble me at all. My pleasure to help out. 👍

  23 sep 2019

The normal format I follow is 30 minutes of Q&A, then 1 hour of giving Reiki. This time, there was a higher turnout than I have gotten in the past and late comers disrupted everything. My fault for not keeping to schedule. But I will also consider changing the format.

  24 sep 2019

I think it would be really helpful for newcomers such as myself, if you give a introduction of yourself, how you found Reiki, what it is and how you do it and then demonstrate it. Questions before or after the demonstration. We are all different but I thrive on structure specially when something is new. And perhaps you need to be less nice and say that coming an half an hour late will disrupt your class to much. We all make priorities for the things we want to go to. That person could go another time. Trainfailur etc exulted. Still think it is very interesting. Best of luck in the future.

Looking forward to tonight! I'll be there at about 19.00 to set up. We'll be using chairs, which is an alternative method for receiving Reiki and more convenient than a massage table for a group of people.
For those who may be interested in receiving Reiki, it is always done fully clothed. It is recommended (though not required) to wear comfortable clothing.
I had no idea when I planned this event, but it just so happens that the same day is the Autumnal Equinox.

It is a time when (in the Northern Hemisphere) the energies shift from the masculine state during the spring and summer of getting things done to the feminine state during the fall and winter of letting go. Let go of things that don't matter and let time and space decide things for you. The Equinox is a sign for you to take some much-needed balance back into your life.

Hopefully, this will bring good and balanced energies to the event! 😊

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