R100 – Japanese fetish comedy in Husets Biograf

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- ”A Kinky Monty Python Sex Comedy”
- "It’s hard to remember a film about S&M as funny as this one, or one as beautifully and weirdly imagined.”

CLUB DeBAUCHE presents R100 (2013), a wild and crazy drama comedy about a Japanese businessman who signs a contract with a BDSM club and its dominatrixes to let them humiliate him for the next year. The film presents a combination of fetish aesthetics, moving drama and wild fun – and surprises its audience along the way.

Before the main feature, we present a clip show from “pinku eiga”, kinky Japanese films, presented by film director Steen Schapiro!

The film will be shown with English subtitles.

CLUB DEBAUCHÉ is our ongoing series dedicated to examining the extremes of international erotic cinema in its many manifestations and flavors, programmed and introduced by filmmaker Steen Schapiro.


18.30 = CAFÉ & TICKET COUNTER opens / We have free seating, and please remember we cannot accept credit cards.

19:30 = Clip Show: Japanese fetish dramas

20:00 = Intermission in the lounge

20:15 = Main feature: R100 (95 mins.)

After the screening, the lounge is open.

*RESERVATIONS can be made via Husetsbio.reservation@mail.dk. Please include the key word "R100" and the number of reservations desired in the subject line of your e-mail, and you will receive a quick confirmation with further info. If you have other questions contact Jack, our house manager, at jack.stevenson@mail.dk, or via 20297013 as a second option. No SMS.

--- A reviewer wrote:
“The comedy comes from the endless succession of dominatrices or queens, each with their own bizarre specialty. Matsumoto isn't just endlessly, willfully, bizarrely funny. He's also capable of surprising tenderness. It's genuinely and perversely hilarious.”
- Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle


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Jeg har faktisk lige set den, og den er absolut værd at checke ud. Når det kommer til kink film er Japanerne helt i top!

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