Humiliation Play Workshop with Saara Rei

Sunday 26 january, at 15:30 — 18:30  Dugguvogur 10, Reykjavik  (Höfuðborgarsvæði)  

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Humiliation play workshop with Saara Rei

Humiliation: The emotion you feel when your status is lowered in front of others. Humiliation involves abasement of pride and dignity, and with it loss of status or standing. Humiliation as a public failure of one's status claims.

The Latin root of ‘humiliation’ is ‘humus’, which translates as ‘earth’ or ‘dirt’. Humiliation is the public failure of one’s status claims. In private, such feeling amount not to humiliation but to painful self-realizations, such as embarrassment. Humiliation is not necessarily shameful. For instance, one could claim that Jesus was crucified and this humiliated, but that he did not feel shame (or so I was told, I was not there).

In this workshop we will discuss what it means to humiliate and to be humiliated. With the understanding we gain, we will further discuss different ideas on how to play with humiliation, centered around the following two “classic” themes:

Dehumanization: objectification and pet play
Power Play: lowering one’s status as a human
We will have guided exercises to go along with these themes that can can be completed in any way, from just talking to having a mini play scene, to even just sitting out and observing. Whatever is at your comfort level, and feels best for you. Even with just observing, a lot can be learned. We will also discuss how pain and shame play can relate and be used when playing with humiliation, as well as how to build a scene and end it.


This is part of a two day weekend workshop-row.
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Prices for the other workshops and packages:

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Non verbal communication
Humiliation play
5.000/workshop/single person

8.000/single person

BOTH FULL DAYS: 25.000/couple

If you don´t have a partner to go to the workshop(s) i highly recommend coming to our ropejams and if you´re a beginner also to our 101 workshops. it´s good opportunities to meet and get to know people and the scene.


I´m very happy to be able to welcome Saara Rei to Reykjavík
and look forward to meeting you and to learn and explore!


Hope to see you there!


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