RMSSSDLP - BDSM play party event in Reykjavik.

Sunday 23 february, at 20:00 — 01:00  Eyjaslóð 5, Reykjavík  (Höfuðborgarsvæði)  

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RMSSSDLP is our almost regular BDSM play party event in Reykjavik. Sometimes monthly sometimes not.

Dresscode: BDSM fetish alternative preferable (not overly strict but we surely appreciate some effort at least..


Welcome to RMSSSDLP :)

Or *RMRSFSAPP *(ReykjavíkMunchReallySuperFunSpectacularAwesomePlayParty)

RMSSSDLP where everybody is your friend
We want to remind guests that confidentiality is key. What happens at RMSSSDLP stays at RMSSSDLP
Everyone is welcome to observe other people at play but interrupting them is not acceptable.
Please note that loud noises, such as yelling and laughing can interrupt people at play
Please respect people's personal space
Intoxication is not welcome
No photography without consulting the people in charge as well as everyone who might possibly be seen in the photo. The best choice is to ask the event photographer to take a proper picture for you.
It is forbidden to touch people without their expressed consent.
It is also forbidden to touch other people’s toys without their expressed permission.
There is absolutely no obligation to take part or play in one way or another.
You can always say YES and you can always say NO.
Let's respect each other and everyone's kinks and interests


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