Exhibit "An Artistic Affair"

Saturday 1 february — saturday 29 february, at 16:00 — 20:00  Rua de Arroios 100, Lisboa  (Distrito de Lisboa)  

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On the 1st February 2020 we will open an artistic exhibit in Lisbon.

Drawings, photographies, paintings and other art related with rope will be available to purchase until the 29th February.

SCHEDULE (01-FEV-2020):
At 18h00 we will open the doors of the gallery so that everybody can visit the exhibit.
At 19h00 we will be having a small demo of rope dynamic so that everyone can experience to see what rope is.

All the profit will be donated to the movement "Sim, Nós Fodemos!" (Yes, We Fuck!) that promotes sexuality in people with disables.


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