SLM BDSM Section

Sunday 2 february, at 17:00 — 19:00  Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18, Stockholm (Stockholms län), Stockholm  (Stockholms län)  

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⚠ This event is for Male, Trans man (female-to-male)

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*SLM’s BDSM Section* [5 pm - 10 pm]
SLMs BDSM Section meets the first Sunday of every month. We strive to create a welcoming, safe community for guys willing to explore various BDSM-practices and lifestyles. Whether you are an experienced BDSM-practitioner or a curious newbie, you are most welcome to participate. You can learn about an aspect of BDSM through a demonstration or a talk at 6pm. After the demo you may engage in BDSM play of your choice with any consenting partners. Or just hang out and socialize until 10pm.

NB! Doors are open between 5pm and 7pm. You will need to enter the club within those two hours and have your valid membership card with you. Memberships cannot be issued or renewed on our Section events.

DEMO - Prova på! Ta emot eller ge!
This time we will stations where you can try different BDSM practices. Tie the knot or try getting tied up. Give a good smack or feel the sting. A sweet soft flogger och a mean cane, find your favorite. Interested in electro? This is your chance! Ever wondered what the cage looks like from the inside? We'll lock you up!
Everything with a good dose of playfulness, respect for limits and, enthusiastic consent. Come explore and have a good laugh with us!

FREE PLAY [7pm - 10pm]
Feel free to talk to people, ask what they are interested in, and whether they might like to play with you. Here is your chance to have a nice talk, a hot chat, or maybe more. Who knows, you just might get lucky!


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