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Stockholms International BDSM-Camp week 28
⏰️Monday 22 july, at 10:00 — 01:00
📍️BDSM-Teaterladan, Gnesta (Stockholms län)
⚠️Application required.  Other criteria (see below).
♿️Det mesta är på markplan, nås med bil, rullstol, hör av Er om detaljer.
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Welcome to an unforgettable summer with BDSM Theater Camp!

Dive into the summer adventure with us in Stockholm and experience two extraordinary weeks, where nature and creativity take center stage. In the heart of lush greenery and at a picturesque homestead, we offer you the chance to be part of our community.

Choose from our specially designed weeks: Hotel Week
(July 8-14) for your own relaxation.


Workshop week
(July 22-27) for a more structured and activity-filled time from 1pm until noon.

On Saturday we have the closing event with external guests.

Hotel Week

This week invites peace and quiet. Without fixed programs or workshops, you can freely enjoy the environment and do exactly what you feel like. On Saturday we have the closing event with external guests.

Workshop week

Here, the days are filled with exciting workshops and the evenings with freedom for your own adventures.

We start the days with yoga and meditation, and during the week we offer a range of activities from Florentine flogging to Pony Play and much more.


We are an hour's journey from Stockholm and offer flexible accommodation options: from tent sites to comfortable cabins. Cottages can be rented individually or shared, with prices from SEK 200-300 per night and person.

For those who prefer, there is also the option of commuting.

Food and Facilities

You are responsible for your own cooking, but we will arrange for purchases.

We avoid nuts out of consideration for allergy sufferers.

There is access to common spaces for relaxation and activities, but we encourage everyone to respect our rules for a harmonious coexistence.


Our address is secret for security reasons. We organize safety transport from Gnesta and remind you of the importance of discretion and respect for our safety procedures.


In addition to the joint sessions and possible catering, there is the opportunity to participate in various workshops July 22-27.

Last summer, a workshop was offered in

Florentine flogging, needleplay. Hypnosis, Impact play course and Pony Play, Western bondage and metal shackles. Rope bondage, Vacuum bed and other Leather bondage equipment.

Last year's program can be found below, this year's is not ready yet.

We hope for something magical.

The BDSM theater barn is built on an Old Norse sacrificial site.

We hope more join who want to hold an activity or workshop.

July 22nd
Basics of Shibari Needle Play

23 July Singletail Metal cuff safe use and play July

24 Meditation and breathing exercises Erotic hypnosis

25 July Impact play

26 July Read and improvise in practice

27 July Ponyplay

28 July Florentine flogging workshop

Vacuum bed review Workshops are afternoons.


Chill week without workshops, accommodation, food SEK 1000.

The entire workshop camp week with all workshops. Without accommodation, food. SEK 2,000.

Half the workshop week. Without accommodation, food. SEK 1,500.

Two days of workshop overnight accommodation included (bring your own sheets, food). SEK 1,500.

Two days of workshops. SEK 1,000.

A day of workshop and Saturday's closing event. SEK 500

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