Part 1

As the Valkyries sing their song

His blood calls out for me. This one is mine. I see the Sisters disappear in the thunderclouds.
"In her name I claim you."
His eyes widen in terror.
"Are you not one of Oden's maidens?"
I lift off my helmet. Toss my hair back.
"This is your lucky day, warrior. You get to ride the kitty wagon."
I grab his shoulder. He falls to his knees. I bend down and kiss his pale lips, so cold. He shivers.
They are all afraid of Freya.
"Will... will you take me to her?"
"When I'm done with you. My name is Mist."
He gasps. Probably heard some stories.
"I will serve you well, Maiden. I promise. My name is..." I strike him across the face without warning.
"Did I ask your name?"
He shakes his head, looking anxiously at my hand.
"You speak when I ask you. Now, get naked."
It takes a while for him to undress. Stands on all four, without me asking. I smile.
"You know about me, warrior. Good." I run my finger down his spine before I bridle him.
"This will be a ride to remember."
He shivers as I sit on his back. Squeeze him with my thighs until he looses his breath. I draw his head backwards, until he almost collapses. Tickle his face with my whip. His mouth is open, begging to be used. Lips closing around the handle of the whip, as I softly slide it in. Not too deep, I don't want him to lose it. Not yet, anyway. I let up the pressure, let him catch his breath. Unbuckling my belt. I feel him shiver under me as I tickle him with my nails. The first strike with the belt on his ass is quite soft. Still, he gasps.
"Did I hurt you, warrior?"
He shakes his head, saliva dripping from his mouth as he holds the handle of the whip between his teeth. I take the whip, looking into his light blue eyes, hazy with desire. He licks his lips. I lift the whip. He cries out when it comes down on his back. Soon he is crawling at my feet, chest heaving, tears dripping on his face. Probably harder than he's ever been. Hands crossed behind his back, his hot face resting on my boot, squeezing the bit between his teeth, reins hanging loose.
"Are you ready, warrior?"
His eyes widen.
"I claim you in her name." My grip on his shaft is anything but gentle. I slip the ring on him. Then take the reins.


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2 may 2019

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