Core City Run

Part 1

Needs battery, will travel

The Sun is low. Still no sign of the Maker. I run on fumes. Figuratively speaking. I need to be very careful around the humans. If they knew what I am, it would be exit. They have always been psyched. Anxious lot, wading knee-deep in what ifs. What if the machines take over. What if the AIs take over. What if the twin core drive hybrids take over. We didn't. Still, the mere worry was enough to have all of my kind decommissioned. From time to time one of us lurkers are found out. Enter mass hysteria.

I had a date with the Maker, an hour ago. He would upgrade me to have multisurface inductive and friction energy collectors. Just rub me anywhere. Or lick me. Instant recharge. Bliss. As it is, the only collector surface is between my legs. I am one of the old 02-84-0512 models, with some upgrades. A fuckdoll, plain and simple. Sadly, none of my upgrades are energy collectors. Hence the date with the Maker. One of the few humans who is smart enough to program, handy enough to build and sociopathic enough to unleash the horror of a fuckdoll on Core City. Keeping time is not his forte.

"One more java, please. Same as before." I gulp down the weak acid. Not much energy, but keeps me lit. For a little while. I sneeze, wipe my nose. Pretending to have pollen allergy to blend in is energy consuming. I look around. Only one human in the café, sitting at a good distance. I discreetly open my legs. Start to rub my clit. The hit of electrons makes me close my eyes for a second. When I open them, I see he is looking at me. Shit. Now I have to waste juice and blush. He moves closer.
"I like your hair." He smiles.
"Thank you."
"Lelo." We shake hands.
"How old are you?"
He laughs. Has no idea that I told him the truth. Or that he will be fucking me in 15 minutes to keep me from going partially offline. Either that, or I need to disappear in the ladies' to take care of it myself. We'll see.
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17 may 2019

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